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  Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Facebook YouTube Pinterest Twitter MySpace

Feature Articles __________________________________________

Words to Live By - Bonus Project

By: Tracey Sabella

Words to Live By, Tracey Sabella

The Once Upon A Sketch journaling prompt for this page was the quote, You only live once but if you do it right once is enough.

Craft-n-Go Workstation Pro - Discoveries

By: Judi Kauffman

Craft-n-Go Workstation Pro, Judi Kauffman

Well, I'm pleased to report that this year it won't matter where we travel. I'm prepared: I will be taking a Craft-n-Go portable work station with me.

Country Living - Gardens

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

Country Living, Dr. Irit Shalom

This is a page that was made not because of photos, but because of a paper line.

Birds & Branches - A Taste of Spring - Mixed Media

By: Judi Kauffman w/Helene Metivier

Birds & Branches - A Taste of Spring, Judi Kauffman w/Helene Metivier

It's exciting to be able to share some mixed media layered collage projects by a multi-talented longtime friend, artist Helene Metivier. Birds and branches - a taste of spring!

Mothers - Mothers

By: Design Team

Mothers, Design Team

This was a special order card for Mother's Day. I've always enjoyed taking spare pieces and bring them together to create a special project.

Spring - Part 1 - Studio Els

By: Els van de Burgt w/Guest Designers

Spring - Part 1, Els van de Burgt w/Guest Designers

I am in Australia on a teaching trip during the deadline crunch for Studio Els, April 2014, so I have turned things over to some very talented guest designers to help celebrate the start of SPRING!

Basic Techniques of Scrapbooking and Cards _______________

Spring and Easter

By: Judi Kauffman w/Guest Designers

Spring and Easter, Judi Kauffman w/Guest Designers

The city fills with tourists who flock to the city for spring break. We locals grumble about traffic but that doesn't keep us away from the Cherry Blossom Festival and all the rest.

Artered Art _____________________________________________

Garden Bouquet - Altered Art

By: Freddie Toledo

Garden Bouquet, Freddie Toledo

This is a one of a kind bouquet. I have had this idea in my head for a long time.

Papercrafting - Sponsored By: ______________________

In the Garden

By: Tracey Sabella

In the Garden, Tracey Sabella

To keep with the garden theme, I've painted a Leaky Shed Studio Picket Fence to look like the weathered wood structures in the photo background.

Product Demos

Introducing the Tool 'n One

By: Spellbinders

Introducing the Tool 'n One, Spellbinders

Spellbinders' Tool 'n One is the must have tool for intricate dies! It is a portable tool that performs multiple craft functions, including piercing and paper removal.

Departments ______________________________________________

The Conservatory at Highland Park - Cardstock

By: Lisa Swift

The Conservatory at Highland Park, Lisa Swift

Showcase, and highlight, a favorite photo by matting it on black cardstock to really make it pop off the page.

Party food - Chipboard

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

Party food, Dr. Irit Shalom

I almost never scrapped family eating together. I don't think eating photos are pretty. But this Independence day photos of our family picnic were pretty good.

Family Snapshots - Die Cuts

By: Marielle LeBlanc

Family Snapshots, Marielle LeBlanc

I love being a mom and spending time with my boys, the moments are priceless! In this layout we celebrated your grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Mom's Memories - Letters

By: Cindy Gay

Mom's Memories, Cindy Gay

My Mom has lots of memories from her early childhood and teenage years.I'm lucky to have early school photos and some of her taken in film booths as a teenager.

Mini Book III - Mini Book

By: Kathleen Margaret Charity B. Hernandez

Mini Book III, Kathleen Margaret Charity B. Hernandez

I really have to admit that I am still fascinated with various kinds of mini albums varying in shapes and in size with inserts from tags to laminate inserts in each pages.

Smell of Lilacs - Paper

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

Smell of Lilacs, Dr. Irit Shalom

I was born and grown up in the former USSR and lilacs were the very common there. I've seen them on my way to anywhere and the smell was just delicious.

Spring Tulip - Stickers

By: Lisa Swift

Spring Tulip, Lisa Swift

When spring finally hits, especially after a long winter, I enjoy photographing the flowers in our garden.

Weekly Fun Video

By: You Tube

Weekly Fun Video, You Tube

Olympic Gymnist - John Orozco

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