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  Thursday, September 18, 2014 Facebook YouTube Pinterest Twitter MySpace

Feature Articles __________________________________________

Getting Started - Art Journaling

By: Judi Kauffman

Art journals are as different as the people who keep them. What direction will YOUR art journaling take? The answer to this question is simple.  


Boy and Girl Card in a Box - Crafting with Kids

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

This is a very easy template for making Card in a Box-style cards with and for kids. It's made of one piece of cardstock - just a few folds and some straight line cuts. Embellish the box with whatever you like.  


Grammy's Gals - Grandparents

By: Lisa Swift

Grammy's Gals, Lisa Swift

My daughter has only one living grandparent so it's important to me to get photos of them together, when I can. Sometimes the photos don't come out the best, especially when you're inside of a restaurant,

Never Let Me Go - Love & Weddings

By: Tracey Sabella

Never Let Me Go, Tracey Sabella

At Hanna's bridal shower, she loved the card I created for her so much, that she framed it to display in their new home. I knew then that she would appreciate a framed scrapbook layout.

Paper Embellishments with Jewelry Resin - Mixed Media

By: Judi Kauffman w/Carmi Cimicata

She’s back! I invited Resin Crafts Blog artist and designer Carmi Cimicata to share another of her wonderful projects.  


Holiday Sparkle - Studio Els

By: Els van de Burgt w/Guest Designers

Holiday Sparkle, Els van de Burgt w/Guest Designers

I am ready to get a head start on the holidays! How about you? My daughter Joset made a beautiful card. I made an easy accordion album.

Basic Techniques of Scrapbooking and Cards _______________

Towels & Textures

By: Judi Kauffman

Towels & Textures, Judi Kauffman

This project began by accident. I was using a paper towel to blot some ink and before I crumpled it to toss in the trash I noticed that the inks had picked up some of the towel’s texture. It looked interesting.

Papercrafting - Sponsored By: ______________________


By: Tracey Sabella

Our son is getting ready to turn 27 this week, but in some ways it seems like just yesterday that he was this adorable little cherub. This photo was taken long before I started scrapbooking.

Die Cuts - Sponsored By: ___________________________

Plus One

By: Marielle LeBlanc

Plus One, Marielle LeBlanc

I was inspired to create the backdrop of this layout, rows of color, while I was inking small swatches of the new Celebra'tions ink pads.

Adhesives - Sponsored By: ________________________

Your Are So Sweet!

By: Shannon Morgan

If you haven't noticed, we're in the thick of it with summer heat! This year hasn't been as brutal as previous years, but there have been plenty of hot days to complain about.


Product Demos

Sizzix eclips2 - Product Launch

By: Sizzix

Sizzix eclips2 - Product Launch, Sizzix

Sizzix eclips2 - Product Launch

Why become a Journey Coach?

By: Spellbinders

Why become a Journey Coach?, Spellbinders

Whether you want to build your own business, foster new relationships, or just get great discounts on products, the Journey Coach opportunity is for you!

Departments ______________________________________________

Heritage - Family History

By: Dr. Irit Shalom

This is an easy yet trendy layout made with a lot of paper cutting, chipboard stickers, and handwritten journaling.


Traveling Mini Scrapbook I - Red - Mini Scrapbooks

By: Kathleen Hernandez

Traveling Mini Scrapbook I - Red, Kathleen Hernandez

Autograph books and dedication notebooks have been popular since we were kids back in the 1980s and the trend has never disappeared.

Traveling Mini Scrapbook II - Pink - Mini Scrapbooks

By: Kathleen Hernandez

Travelling Mini Scrapbook, Travelling Toy, Travelling Greeting Card and Travelling Postcard. You name it, this travelling bundle has it!



You Are in BeTween - Pens

By: Lisa Swift

You Are in BeTween, Lisa Swift

Shortly before my daughter's birthday each year, I like to do a page about who she is, her likes and what she's been up to.

Precious Girl - Scrapbook Stories

By: Jean Marmo

Precious Girl, Jean Marmo

Shortly after giving birth, when the nurse brought Jennifer to me and then turned to leave, I remember wondering whether it was smart of her to leave this small bundle alone with me.

Weekly Fun Video

By: You Tube

Weekly Fun Video, You Tube

Olympic Gymnist - John Orozco


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